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Write my essay south park

write my essay south park

to give up the bar, and so called more Persians for help. " is the sixth episode of the eleventh season and the 159th overall episode of the American animated sitcom. I hate thosefreaking things. Garrison has become a lesbian and finds the bar she hangs out in is about to be taken over by Persian club owners. After the representative returns to the Persian's club, an army of sixty other Persians prepare to storm the bar, but they fail to defeat the women. Cartman then tells men to read and write four different essays about the book for them, and the boys go off to enjoy their weekend. Garrison returns to Les Bos and becomes sociable with all the women, but then is shocked to discover that the bar is being sold to Persians, who plan to make it into a Club Persh Dance Club. Garrison does not give up though, and encourages her fellow lesbians not to give up hope. When they come back for their essays on Monday morning, they find out that the Mexicans misunderstood them, and instead of writing essays they wrote to their ├ęses, a slang term in Chicano Spanish for friends.

Garrison goes to the all-female gym Curves to work out, and still release some built up anger. Garrison wonder about her sexuality, and the two end up kissing, and then having sex all night. Another moment is when "Janet" Garrison first figures out how two women make love and there's a smash cut to he and his new girlfriend "scissoring." It's a shock moment and makes you wonder how they get away with stuff like this. Garrison discovers that life without men has its advantages. MY paper WAS onthe suffering OF bottle-noseddolphins. That YOU children workedso hard ON last month? However, when they use the joke again at the end, it's now not nearly as funny.

Garrison down to the all female bar, Les Bos. The remaining Persians go to see their boss, Rauf Xerxes, who decides to handle the situation personally. Xerxes decides to keep Les Bos a lesbian bar, and is seen at the bar herself. Reception edit, iGN rated this episode.5 passable and said "There are some funny moments, as is almost always the case with any episode of this series. Garrison, this sure IS exciting. A full day passed, and the lesbians were getting tired. Yeah, what'S thereto hate about rainbows? Remember THE"save OUR fragile planet"essay contest.

South Park (TV Series).
Kyle: You said you all wrote essays, w here are they?
Mexican #1: Well, my ese lives in Miami.
South Park Elementary, Friday during the day, Mrs.

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